Welcome to Upper Moreland Music Patrons


The Music Patrons Association of the Upper Moreland High School, Inc. consists primarily of parents and friends of students participating in the music programs in the high school , middle school and intermediate and Primary Schools. Membership in the association is open to everyone interested in furthering the music program in Upper Moreland. In addition to encouraging and assisting the music programs within the school system, the organization oversees and assumes responsibility for raising funds for a variety of projects in the music departments. You may become a voting member by making a tax-deductible contribution of five dollars, per member, per year. Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month, except for July and August, in the High School Faculty Lounge. The organization supports students by helping to plan activities and by attending, volunteering and chaperoning various events. Money needs to be raised since the school district funds are not sufficient to cover the costs of our entire music program. In addition, the Music Patrons, a non-profit organization, also provide three scholarships to graduating seniors interested in pursuing their studies in music beyond the high school level. There is one available for a member of band, orchestra and chorus.


Please consider investing some time becoming a parent volunteer, every minute of your time makes a difference. You do not need to chair a committee, or be an officer. There are always openings for Chaperones, Equipment Handlers (Known as Grunts), working a snack table, helping with a fund raiser. It is a very rewarding experience, and time well spent . The Music Staff in Upper Moreland is second to none, and we in the UMMP are proud to serve them in any way possible.

UMMP Monthly Meetings

To find out more about UMMP please visit us at the Music Wing of the Upper Moreland High School The scheduled meetings are:

Tuesday May 111th 2015
Thursday April 9th 2015
Thursday February 12th 2015
Thursday January 15th 2015
Thursday October 9th 2014
Thursday September 11th 2014
Thursday August 14th 2014

All are welcome, if you are interested in volunteering please contact us